Tuesday, 13 May 2014


jedno z tych miejsc gdzie od lat wybieram sie na porzadna sesje zdjeciowa I jakos nie moge dojechac... a byloby bardzo warto :)
nie wiedziec czemu, Rannoch moor czesto jest pomijany przez turystow, jawi sie jako 'to bagno' pomiedzy punkterm widokowym z grajacym na kobzie szkotem a glencoe. a warto sie tu zatrzymac na chwile


one of those places where I have been planning (for many years now!) to go and have a proper wander around which would, no doubt, result in a set of amazing pictures. still planning :) i'm not sure why but Rannoch moor seems to be overlooked by tourists, people think about it as 'that swamp' between 'viewpoint with the bagpiper' and glencoe.
but believe me, it is worth to stop here, even for couple of minutes :)

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