Wednesday, 9 November 2011

BUACHAILLE ETIVE MOR - stob dearg, stob na broige, stob na doire, stob coire altruim

buachaille etive mor - wyjazd w gory ktory byl pod wieloma wzgledami 'pierwszy' - pierwszy raz wstawalam o 4rano by wyjechac w gory sama, pierwszy raz widzialam i wschod slonca i zachod na 'jednej trasie', pierwszy raz zrobilam sama tyle szczytow :) pogoda dopisala pieknie, w glencoe o 7 rano przywitaly mnie minus 3 stopnie i zapowiadajace sie slonce :) oto co z tego wyszlo


stob dearg - 1021mnp ( 3353 ft), munro nr 109

stob na broige - 956 mnpm (3136 ft), munro nr 204

munro szczyty:

stob na doire - 1011 mnpm (3317ft)

stob coire altruim - 941mnpm (3087ft)

CZASY: parking - siodlo pod stob dearg 2 godz, siodlo do stob dearg 25 min, stob dearg -podejscie na stob na doire 40min, wejscie na stob na doire 20min, stob na doire -siodlo pod stob coire altruim 30min, siodlo do stop coire altruim 12min, siodlo do stob na broige 30 min, siodlo pod stob coire altruim -lairig gartain 1godz, do parkingu 30min


buachaille etive mor - detailed route. this trip was 'the first one' in many ways: first time i had to get up at 4am to go to the hills all by myself, first time i saw sunrise and sunset on the same 'track', first time i climbed so many summits all alone. the weather was great, glencoe greeted me at 7am with nice minus 3 degrees, lovely frost :) and sunshine already!

munros: stob dearg 3353ft, munro no 109 / stob na broige 3136ft, munro no 204

munro tops: stob na doire 3317ft / stob coire altruim 3087ft

TIMES car park - col under stob dearg 2hrs, col - stob dearg 30min, stob dearg -foot of stob na doire 40min, stob na doire summit 20 min, stob na doire -col under stob coire altruim 30min, col - stob coire altruim 12min, col - stob na bruige 30mins, way down from col -lairig gartain 1hr, path to car park 30min

trasa dnia / route of the day

moja przyszla ofiara jak widac wstydliwa, widok spod centrum narciarskiego w glencoe / first views to buachaille etive mor- the shy one, from glencoe ski centre

stob nan cabar (buachaille etive beag) & A82 :)

zaczyna sie wschod slonca, zaczynam trase / sunrise... 'lets rock'

wschod slonca nad lagangarbh / sunrise over lagangarbh

lagangarbh & buachaille etive mor (stob dearg , coire na tulaich, feadan ban)

chmurzasty stob coire altruim oraz dolina lairig gartain / cloudy stob coire altruim and glen lairig gartain

stob nan cabar ( buachaille etive beag) i z prawej lapiacy pierwsze promienie slonca stob coire nan lochan / stob cabar (buachaille etive beag) and to the right stob coire nan lochan in first sun rays


lagangarbh & river coupall

beinn a'chrulaiste

pierwszy etap - do siodla pod stob dearg / first stage - to the col under stob dearg

spowrotem w strone lagangarbh, zamarzniete wrzosowisko / looking back to lagangarbh, frozen moorland

szron i pierwsze promienie slonca / frost and first sunlight

beinn a'chrulaiste

mniej wiecej tak idzie sciezka do siodla / the track to the col goes more-less like this

z / from coire na tulaich

sciezka robi sie kamienista... / loose scree path up

z siodla na stob dearg / from the col to stob dearg

'czarna dziura' ktora tak zlowieszczo wyglada z lagangarbh / 'the black gap' that looks so intimidating from lagangarbh

w cieniu / in the shade of stob dearg

widok na dol to lagangarbh / looking down to lagangarbh

widok na polnoc / looking towards mamores & loch eilde mor

z lewej wstydliwy ben nevis / shy ben nevis, to the left

stob na doire z / from feadan ban

stob dearg - do szczytu / long way towards the summit

stob dearg - szczyt / the summit

stob dearg & rannoch moor

szczyt / the summit

widok ze stob dearg na poludniowy zachod / south west from stob dearg

mniam / yummy!

od lewej / from the left: stob dubh, stob coire sgreamhach, bidean nam bian, beinn fhada, stob coire nan lochan, stob coire raineach, aonach dubh.

po prostu glencoe / just glencoe :)

stob coire raineach & aonach eagach

rannoch moor & schiehallion

ben nevis & mamores

korona glencoe :) / the crown of glencoe

stob dubh z/ from stob na doire

stob coire altruim & stob na broige z/ from stob na doire

sciezka na dol do lairig gartain / path down to lairig gartain

stob na doire

stob na broige

glen etive

smieszna spiczaste pionowe skalki na szczycie stob na broige / wee 'vertically-growing' rocks on stob na broige

kamienne schronienie na stob na broige / shelter on stob na broige


glen etive

stob na doire & stob coire altruim z/from lairig gartain

lairig gartain

beinn a'chrulaiste - zachod slonca / the sunset


  1. What a stunning series of pictures, absolutely amazing.... I'd like to write a blog about your site and pics if you don't mind on Can you contact me there please?

  2. Great picture Ela! I see what you meant about the ice on the puddles. I think my favourites are the ones with the white house, which just gets further and further away as you walk on. And I like Number 28, with all the peaks. No wonder you were sore the next day!

  3. fabulous pics. You've caught the light beautifully in your images.